Tuesday, August 26, 2008

November 22

Without MGCON to keep me busy on November 22nd, I have rented space at my brother's restaurant, The Levee Café, in Hastings MN to run a larger game. Actually I rented it for Friday night and all Day Saturday. http://leveecafe.com/default.aspx

The plan is to set up the game Friday night and run a largish game all day Saturday.

We haven’t decided exactly what game to play, the leading contenders are 25mm Napoleonics (using our Wilderness Wars Variant) , 15mm Napoleonics (Napoleon’s Battles III or Horse Musket and Gun), and 25mm American War of Independence (Wilderness Wars). As we get closer I suppose a decision will be easier to make.

I would like to do more 25mm Napoleonics, but Joel Gregory will be unable to attend (Hastings is just too far for him to travel) and Tom Zwirn is well Tom Zwirn and mostly AFK these days. That leaves us with Jim Fitzgerald’s and my 25mm Napoleonic figures, roughly 20 Battalions of French, 4 Battalions of French Allied which isn’t enough to run a big game.

As a default game we have 15mm Napoleonics in the background, I am pretty sure that we could make a pretty good size game in that, considering how many figures we have for that period. But it isn’t 25mm.

The other game we talked about is a 25mm AWI game, here I got a few figures for the period (about 1700 painted figures) but in this case it is not the in-period for our groups currently.
So with all that Jim and I will figure something out.

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