Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm I being Useful

A little back ground first: For 10 years I have been quietly working away at a 25mm Napoleonic Project in 25mm. Over the years I have gotten only about 750 figures a side painted the issue of course is rules. While the 25mm Figures are beautiful, most games in 25mm takes way too much space. Well we tried a variant of “Wilderness Wars” a year back and there was enough interest to try again. Slowly over the past year we have gotten enough traction to get other people interested in painting figures. So below is series of emails I exchanged with a player over the weekend, only the name of the guilty has been changed as well his final choice, because I’m not sure if they were serious or not:

Joe Blow: “I am really interested in painting some figures up for the Napoleonic [period you guys are working on] but I want to make sure what I paint up is useful. What do you suggest?”
Me: “The most useful units to paint up are French Infantry Battalions. You are almost always assured to be able to push your figures that way.”
Joe Blow: “So the French are the most useful. But I thought you guys had enough French Painted.”
Me: “While I have Six Battalions of French Line and half-a-dozen battalions of French Allied, Jim has six battalions and then Tom and Joel have a larger number.”
Joe Blow: “ Well isn’t that enough?”
Me: “French are the one group of figures that are almost always useful. It is hard to have too many.”
Joe Blow: “I am not sure I really want to paint French.”
Me: “Than paint what you want to push. Not a big deal.”
Joe Blow: “So I can paint anything?”
Me: “Within reason you can paint anything you want.”
Joe Blow: “Cool I have always wanted to paint Bolivians. Now my only question will it be useful?”

While I could almost make a Bolivian Army useful or atleast interesting in the period (Wars of Independence in Latin America) their choice was far less useful..

Will it be useful? Some how this will become my gaming mantra, heck it is almost a stand up comedy routine already. But I am left wondering if they are being serious or as my friend Jim says "setting themselves up to fail from the get go." or what?

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