Sunday, August 24, 2008

Napoleonic Figure Order - Foundry

I have ordered a few Napoleonic figures from foundry over the weekend.

1 Pack French Young Guard Command Pack
3 Prussian 12lbs Artillery Guns (to be used as Austrian Guns)
4 Packs (12 Figures) French Hussars Center Company.
2 French 8lbs Artillery Guns
1 Pack Line Artillery in Campaign Dress
2 Packs Line Fusilers in Campaign Dress
2 Packs Line Grenadiers or Fusilers in Campaign Dress

These additional figures will provide:
2 French Line Battalions in Campaign Dress (Already own Command and one pack Fusilers)
2 French Artillery Stands
1/2 Regiment of French Hussars
and complete 3 Austrian Heavy Artillery Stands.

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