Tuesday, August 19, 2008

25mm ACW Basing

Several of us discussed basing for 25mm American Civil War figures on
Saturday. After discussion on Saturday I will be mounting 25mm ACW
figures using what has become the de facto standard for the
Centurions. While not a primary project for me, I do seem to have a
few figures painted up for the period.

Infantry - mounted 2 x 2 on a 40mm wide by 40mm deep base. I would
like to add that if needed to you can use a 50mm deep base as well.

Cavalry - mounted 2 wide on a 40mm wide by 50 mm deep base.

Artillery - Singly mounted Artillerist (25mm square) with guns,
caissons, limbers mounted separately.

This basing, I think, will allow the figures to be used with most
rules for the period, inculding Fire and Fury, Guns at Gettysburg,
Fields of Honor and others. It goes without saying of course that
basing cannot be used with the Skirmish or pseudo Skirmish rules ;)

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