Thursday, August 14, 2008

MGCON - Hiatus

For reasons I can only speculate at Minnesota Gamers' has been unable
to sign a contract with the Holiday Inn – St. Paul East for space for
this year's MGCON. Discussions with the Holiday Inn have been
ongoing since last fall and from my point of view been extremely
frustrating and to be quite frank bizarre to say the least.

Without a signed contract or agreement in place we have looked for
other locations in and around the Twin Cities, including discussions
with organizations in Rochester and St. Cloud but we haven't been
able to find other locations that are large enough, in close
proximity to hotel, and provide enough parking at a price we could

Internally we discussed the possibility of moving to a much smaller
venue (with or without hotel space) but it due to time constraints
and location requirements we determined that it is too much effort
and cost for very little gain.

Around "Con of the North" the Minnesota Gamers' leadership will meet
to discuss the possibilities for next year and to determine if this
hiatus is a permanent vacation for MGCON.

We look forward to talking with everyone at other gaming events
around the area in the next few months in hopes of determining our
future plans.

Jeff Johnson
Minnesota Gamers'

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