Sunday, December 30, 2012

Battle of the Tonbo Crossroads

The brisk breeze provided a chill the clear morning air.   A steely calm ran through the command group of the Lion Clan Daimyo as she spoke with hatomoto and courtiers.    From her stand point she could see all of her forces and those of the Dragon across the field.
Akodo Dairuko surveyed her forces as they deployed out in accordance to her plan.  Would it be enough?  She would discover in but a few moments.    A small unit of Medium Infantry with Yumi held the right flank anchored against a small shrine.   Matsu Yuuto in his ever present red armor led a unit of Wardens that were positioned between the small unit of archers and two units of Lion Medium Regulars both under the command of Lion Chuis off to the Wardens left.   On Dairuko’s left flank a unit of Lion Pride of the Hand protected by a unit of Lion Heavy Elites, the Elites were under the command of the dashing Matsu Hachiro.  The extreme left was defended by a Unit of Lion Heavy Regulars with another Lion Chui commanding them.    It was a good deployment and if all worked well her plan should provide a easy victory for the Lion.
In the morning sun Akodo Dairuko stared across the field at the deployment of the Dragon forces.  On their right flank across for the Lion Heavy regulars was a unit of Veteran Peasant Pikemen and a unit of Agasha Fire Blossoms.    In the center a unit of Dragon Flame and a Agasha Fire Blossoms unit were in the front with Dragon Scales and Kitsuki Magistrates in support.  The Left Flank was a unit of Miromoto Forward Regulars.
 The battle began much as Akodo Dairuko believed it would, the two forces closing slowly, however a concern became an issue as both the Wardens and the nearest unit of Lion Medium Regulars didn’t “Know the Terrain” and the crossing of rough pass of ground began taking too long.   In a second a long range volley from the Dragon Flame caught the Wardens and a Samurai was lost.   In discussion with Kitsu Miro it was decided the “Ebb and Flow” of the battle was necessary on the Wardens.   The ground flowed and Wardens moved forward, and as they prepared to move forward a Trap was found.  The result was instantanious, the Wardens were broken, Dairuku couldn’t believe it as she asked her Signalmen to signal a recheck but the Prophecies of Asako Yurito were against it and the Wardens were Broken.
The unit of Dragon Flame attempted to former Archer’s row and failed, the decision was instantaneous, the unit of Lion Medium Regulars cried Banzai and Charged the Dragon Flame.     The Dragon Flame Reacted with a round of fire but it as of little use.   At the same time the Lion Heavies on the left charged forward and collided with the Veteran Peasant Pikemen and the Agasha Fire Blossums who put it all on the line as it was all or nothing.   The Heavy Armor of both units served them well as the slammed home.
The Dragon Flame broken under the weight of the Lion medium regulars and Dragon Flame with unanticipated grace broke away from the Medium Regulars, the medium Regulars immediately charged the Dragon Scales.   The Miromoto Forward regulars charged home into the medium Infantry with Yumi to which the battle was short and the medium infantry was crushed.
However Dairuko plan suddenly was coming to culmination as the War Cats broke right and in short order charged the Kitsuki Magistrates, in Fast Strikes they eliminated three samurai and took only a single wound in return. 
In a moment Dairuko decided there was a bridge of sand to protect Matsu Imura from any sort of Duel.  The forces of the Dragon knew it was over.
It was not the glorious victory that the Lion Clan Daimyo but it was a victory none the less.  

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