Monday, March 2, 2009

Why do we "DO" Napoleon's Battles at the Levee Cafe Games

It is one of the few periods that we have enough figures for that I can easily organize and we have enough interest in players to actually play a big game.

There are two or three other options on that we could do today, Fitz and I also own enough figures to run a “massive” Clan War game and a largish American War of Independence game, but I doubt Fantasy Japanese Mythos would attract a large enough crowd to be worthwhile, and interest in the AWI period is lagging locally and without other players figures (Tom Zwirn most notably) we are stuck at maybe a 12 player game.

Besides those games if we aren’t there yet with the number of figures needed to run Koenig Krieg we are darn close, but again there is a huge dependence on Tom Zwirn to provide most of the Prussian Side.

We also are probably close or getting close to number of figures needed for American Civil War
but everyone appears to be painting Confederates. Um Guys we need UNION forces. We have several thousand Confederate stands already painted, but Union maybe a couple hundred at most.

There was some discussion on a Field of Glory themed campaign or tournament set int eh Punic Wars. While no one has a completed army at the moment several of us are within spitting distance (dozen stands here, fitz needs one or tow stands). But I am left "cold" by the concept of a tournament no really my cup of tea.

Another option would be 15mm Spearhead, but again I doubt we could get enough interest to make such a game worthwhile. However I will be able to do the entire Bridge to Far Scenario in the very near future.

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Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, a 12-player game is a pretty big game. Perhaps it would make sense to schedule a few 10-12 player games instead of always going for the single massive game?

There are only a handful of engagements for Napoleon's Battles that could handle 20 or more players per side, but a number of them that could handle the next tier lower.

Another thought is to try something relatively new and get people to commit to painting figures for the game. I know that getting people to paint is somewhat of a problem locally, but I think that is partially based on the fact that for any given period there's already one or two people who can supply all the figures needed.