Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Projects

I plan on working on the following projects this weekend:
  • 25mm French and Indian War - Canadian Militia
  • 25mm French and Indian War - Langdoc Infantry Regiment
  • 25mm French and Indian War - Guyenne Infantry Regiment
  • 25mm American Civil War - 2nd Wisconsin
  • 25mm American Civil War - 84th New York (20th New York Militia)

    All figures just need to be based and seal coated.

  • I have decided to be a little more fancy with my basing technics for these figures. After mounting the figures I am going to attach some clumps of "Field Grass", glue a light brown ballast to the center of the base, and than use a burnt grass border around the figures. All this extra effort I hope will show off the detail of the figures.

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    Jeff Johnson said...

    All I ended working was the French and Indian War figures.
    - Canadian Militia.
    2 Companies of Quebec Militia
    1 Company of Acadian Militia
    - Langdoc Infantry Regiment
    2 Companies
    - Guyenne Infantry Regiment
    2 Companies
    - Companies Marine
    2 Companies
    - Artillery
    8 Artillerists
    - Command
    1 Mounted Officer