Tuesday, March 10, 2009

April 18th - "Crisis on the Danube"

On April 18th the Centurions will be hosting a 25mm Napoleonic Game at the Source to commerate the 200th Aniversary of the "Crisis on the Danube".

The Battles of Thann (Teagun-Hausen) (April 19), Ratisobon (April 19-23), Abensberg (April 20), Eckmuhl (April 21-22), and Landshut (April 21), or "The 4 Days in April" Campaign. I suppose we would also include Ebersberg (May 3) in the Mix.

I am tempted to use the revised version of Horse Musket and Gun for the Game, but will fall back to Napoleonic Commander.

Okay in reality i would like to do Napoleon's Battles, but I figure that will get shot down in heart beat; so I'll just go with a lower level game.


Joe said...

so do Napoleons battles if they whine then they don't get to play :)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Horse Foot & Guns or Napoleonic Commander for a change.

If we're running NB again I'll have to go find my weighted... err 'lucky' ten-sider... especially if I'm playing Trevor. :-)

Jeff Johnson said...

I just heard from Joel Gregory (via Theresa since he is at Cold Wars) that he plans on being in attendance as well. We should be able to do quite a French Austrian Game.

Jeff Johnson said...


The problem is people have indicated they want to do something different with thier 25mm Figures.

As I have indicated to many people I wish we could convince people to play Napoleon's Battles in 25mm and than do a battalion/brigade level game in 15mm. To me that is the best of both worlds but I am continually voted down.

So I will continue to work and paint figures to have enough 25mm Figures for my project, Leipzig in 25mm for the 200th Anniversary using Napoleon's Battles.

Anonymous said...

A few comments:

Most of the 15mm figures in town (at least for the people we play with) are based for Napoleon's Battles. The infantry basing isn't a big deal, but most people's cavalry is based two deep which makes more tactical games problematic, at least until folks decide they want to rebase.

As far as 25mm Leipzig goes, that's a ton of figures & cash to splash out. Another potential issue is that you were barely able to get the 15mm Leipzig going at the Levee... how much more space would be needed for the 25mm version of that?

From a purely rational standpoint 25's don't make sense for mass battles without either huge playing areas or 'bath-tubbing', which I don't mind though I know other people can't stand. At the end of the day for me, 25's are all about the figures more than the rules.

The allure of the 25mm figures for me is the ability to showcase the uniforms for some of the more obscure units of the period in sizes (both figure scale and number of figures per unit) that are recognizable and can be appreciated. If Napoleon's Battles becomes the de-facto set for 25's I don't think that would be the case.

My $.02, for what little it's worth.

Jeff Johnson said...

Leipzig issues:

The biggest issue I see with this is the same problem we have 15mm, Cossacks.

We need 63 stands (252 figures) of Russian Cossack Cavalry. That is a lot of cossack cavalry for little of no net gain because what else are you going to use them for.

As for table space the game is seperated into two distinct tables. A 5' x 12' table for the battle of Mockern and 5' x 20' table for the battle of Wachau.
That is not nessecarily out of the realm of possibilities.