Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Figures Came in

Stopped in at the Source and picked up my figures I had ordered plus a couple extra packs.
  • Continental Personalities
  • Foreign Generals
  • British Colonels
  • Dismount Tarletons
  • 2 Packs Continental Artillery
  • Hessian Jagers
  • Continental Command

Of course John was my cashier and he makes my head hurt when I talk to him. Today he tried to convince me to put my figures back and change over to 1/72 plastic figures. Considering that the Source doesn't sell 1/72nd plastic figures, I already own 2,000 Old Glory Figures in the AWI period, and I have a game scheduled next week I was speechless. I mean does he really expect me to put $200 figures back on the shelve and go some where else to by plastic. I guess I am no longer shocked about what he tells me but I am worried that he might tell someone else who might buy into it.

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