Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Battle of Gordonsville

The battle of Gordonsville is a fictitious encounter during the early summer of 1781 in which George Washington’s Continentals give battle to Lord Cornwallis British forces.

The British were played by Fitz, Noel, and Jack while the Continentals were pushed Jim, Ray, and myself. The game was played on three tables with a two turn interconnection between the tables. The British find themselves between three Continentals armies. The main army of George Washington is made up of Lafayettes Light Corps and Lincolns Corps is on the Northern Edge facing Cornwallis main force with the Guard Brigade, Yorke’s and Dundas’ Brigades and the German Mercenaries. Lord Rawdon two Brigades are faced off against Count von Stueben’s Corp which is straggleing onto the battlefield on Table two. On Table three Tarleton’s three briadges of Loyalists are faced off against Chois’ Mixed corps of French and Continentals brigades.

In dawns early light the Gist's Maryland Brigade of Continentals look north at the massing British Forces across the field.

A look west along the French and New York lines against the British Loyalists.

Further along the line the Rhode Island Brigade looks north with the British Loyalist in Opposition.
On the northern side of the Battlefield the Continentals form the battleline.

The center of the Continental line is anchored by the Clinton's Marylan Brigade.

The western edge of the Continental line is made of 7 Battalions of Militia facing the German Mercenaries.

Lord Rawdon looks South at the Gist's Maryland Brigade.

A look at the Loyalist Battleline.

The German Mercenaries looking North at the Militia.

The Center of the British Line is the Guard Brigade. Two Battalions of Guard Infantry and a company of Grenadiers make a Rock of Gilbralter.

Yorke's Brigade has taken up position in the town of Gordonsville. Two stone walls tot he west of the town make a great defensive position, but Cornwallis is not known to be a defensive minded man.

Dundas' Brigade takes position on the right of the British battle line.

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