Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Centurions Summer 2008 Schedule

June 7th 15mm Napoleonics
June 21st – Koenig Krieg 15mm
July 5th – No Game – Fourth of July Weekend
July 19th – Field of Glory – Third Crusade 25mm
August 2nd – TBD
August 16th – Fitz’s Birthday game - 25mm Napoleonics
September 6th – 25mm American War of Independence

June 7th's game is kind of what are we going to do. Jeff Knudsen is still out and I am not 100% sure I can make it so we put out a generic 15mm Napoleonics game, sure to draw six to eight players.

June 21st is a special request by Eliiot James, Koenig Krieg with rules as written. I will be in Reedsburg so no involvement on my part.

July 5th is of course the Fourth of July weekend over the past couple of years we have been kicked out of the store for a magic game so we decided to tank the game early.

July 19th is a special request by Ray Knapp he would like to try Field of Glory new crusader supplement which of course fine with me. I have three half crusader armies that have never seen the battle field.

August 2nd is an open date so far, we have offered the game to Jeff Knudsen there is some hope he will do a riflewars game.

August 9th is Recon, I will be at Reserves so no Recon for me.

August 16th is our next big game, Fitz Birthday, so we are doing 25mm Napoleonics.

Finally our game on September 6th is 25mm AWI, I need to do another game, okay its an excuse to paint more AWI figures.

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