Saturday, November 13, 2010

Projects for 2011

Okay, it might be a little early to announce the projects and such for 2011, but wat the hey.

Fields of Glory - 15mm Punic Wars
Forlorn Hope - 10mm Thirty Years War
Drums of War Along the Mohawk - 25mm French and Indian War
Rank and File - 25mm American Civil War
Broadsword - 15mm World War II - Pacific Island Campaigns

For Fields of Glory I am going to finish up my successor army or have either Tom or Jack paint me up a Republican Roman Army.

For Forlorn Hope I took the easy way out, I bought Tom's Swedish Army. The price wasn't bad, a Figure for a Figure since Tom wants to paint a French Army.

I will be finishing up the Figures I own for Drums of War along the Mohawk, which right now is two Brigades of French and two Brigades of British.

For the American Civil War I have two brigades of Union (1st Division 1st Union Corps) about half finished, needing some Artillery and Command plus 4 Battalions. I have purchased the figures from Old Glory and they should be here next week. Not sure if I am going to attempt to send them out to get painted or what with those.
There has been some interest in Regimental Fire and Fury, but I am not holding my breath.

For Broadsword, well I have several hundred painted Japs and Marines and I have decided to just bite the bullet and play Broadsword. Crossfire is a one player game and Flames of War is a "bad" game.

There are a couple of other interesting things that I am going to try, a double blind WWII Pacific Naval Game I am already planning out for January 15th Centurions Game.

Other activities for the year:
Seven Years War Convention, South Bend IN, March 25 and 26th. The Centurions will be running the Battle of Grocka (Austrian/Russian Turkish War 1739) using Koenig Kreig in 15mm. Will need to get a few more Austrian Battalions Painted, but can backfill with Imperials if need be.

25mm Horse Musket and Gun, big battle, tenativily set for July 16th. We will probably have a game or two over the winter.

Finally for Nov 19th, going to try and get a decent game of Rank and File accomplished. The idea is to get 10 players pushing a division worth of troops (two brigades) and see what happens. There is some interest but I will have to see where it goes.

Finally I am going to get a bunch of stuff either painted, sold, or traded. This stack of unfinished unpainted lead has got to go. Okay most likely I will be getting it painted, but what the hell.

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