Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Preparing for November 20th

Last night I received my latest order from Old Glory Miniatures, all the figures I need to complete a full strength French Brigade for Batailles de l'Ancien Régime.

The first Battalion to be completed will be the 2nd Battalion of the Guyenne Infantrie Regiment. For which I have 30 Figures already completed out of the 54. I spent the evening cleaning up the figures, getting them mounted on bases and prepping for priming.

The Second Battalion I am planning to work on will be a little strange. I had Fernando Enterprises paint up 24 figures for the 1st Battalion of the Royal Roussillion Infantrie Regiment however since I cannot match that painting style the figures I will be painting up will be for the 2nd Battalion of the Languedoc Infantrie Regiment.

The next two battalions to be worked on next month will be the 2nd Battalion of the La Sarre Infantrie Regiment and 2nd Battalion of the Bearn Infantrie Regiment.

My goal is to get Guyenne Infantrie regiment done over the next week. Lots of work, however this is my shortcuts of short cuts regiments the first time around so I will be matching that painting style mostly. The Figures will be primed white, the boots and belting Natural Leather, the muskets bestial Brown, the hats and a few high lights black, flesh, trim and shiny bits followed by a dip for completion.

The Priming will be done tonight, than I will start cleanup work and mounting the figures for Languedoc.

Wish me luck

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