Sunday, June 14, 2009

Swedish Army for the Seven Years War

Over the weekend I spent some time thinking about how I was going to configure the Swedish Army for the period around Seven Years War. Here is what I am thinking.

Left Wing (Light Division) – Maj General Sprengtporten
Volunteer Light Cavalry Regiment (600 Cuirassier from the 6 Swedish Ryttare Regiments)
Jamtland Ryttare Regiment (Dismounted)
French Fribataljon (I did not make that one up)
Jager Corps
Bluhussaren Regiment

Left Wing Front Line
Spens Varvade Regiment
Upplands Indelta Regiment

Left Wing Second Line
AboLans Indelta Regiment
Nylands Indelta Regiment

Left Wing Cavalry
Bohuslands Dragooner Regiment
Nylands Dragooner Regiment

Center Front Rank
Kungl Livgardet Regiment
Posse Vavarde Regiment

Kungl Livregiment
Lowenfels Vavarde Regiment

Center Second Rank
Sodermanlands Indelta Regiment
Dalarnas Indelta Regiment (1 Battalion)
Narke Varmlands Regiment (1 Battalion)

Ostgota Indelta Regiment
Halsinge Indelta Regiment

Center Cavalry
Adelsfanor Regiment
Vastagota Regiment

Smalands Regiment
Ostragota Regiment
Norraskanska Reiment
Sodraskanska Regiment

Right Wing
Vastgota Dals

Right Wing Cavalry
Livregiment Dragooners
Karelska Dragooners

Right Wing Light Division
Bohnen Fribataljon
Gul Hussars
French Frikorps Cavalry

For such a small project I am amazed at the number of figures I will need, actually the number of horse is what I find staggering.


Flekkzo said...

Wow, wow, and wow. What made you choose a Swedish army? Just curious:) Well, especially curious for three reasons. 1. You are from Minnesota 2. I am from Sweden 3. I am moving to Minnesota next week if nothing goes horribly wrong :)

It feels odd seeing good old Swedish regiments in a war game, and some of the names were a tiny bit hard to read. Dunno if it is wrong, old spellings, or the lack of å, ä, and ö that are throwing me off. Or me just being up late :)

Either way, bring honor to the Swedes and go forth and win!

Geezer in the know said...

My name is Lowenfels. Can you point me in the direction of more info on the lowenfels regiment in Sweden?


Jeffrey M. Johnson said...

Is a simple place to start.