Monday, July 28, 2008

Letter to Minnesota Miniature Gamers mailing list

Letter sent to the Minnesota Miniature Gamers Mailing List:

On August 16th, in celebration of Jim Fitzgerald's (AKA Fitz)Birthday, the Centurions will be hosting a 25mm Napoleonic Game atthe Source Comics and Games using the Napoleonic "Wilderness Wars"variant.

Our goal is to see how many thousands of 25mm Figures wecan get on the table. The Game will start at 11 AM and everyone is invited to play as always with a Centurions' game there is no cost to play, no experience is necessary and figures will be provided; however if you have figures bring them down.

PS If you have figures for this game we are going to be extremely flexible in regards to basing as long as you are within the ballpark (or some semblance of) it okay with us. We will just ask you to adjust your formations.

As for specific period or campaign of the Napoleonic Wars anywherefrom 1792 to 1824 works for us.

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