Monday, July 28, 2008

Letter to Centurions

Here is a letter I sent to the Centurions Mailing List.

Hey Gang,

This is a reminder for Fitz’s birthday game at the Source Comics and Games on August 16th. We will be playing a “Wilderness Wars” variant for the Napoleonic Period using 25mm figures.

For this game any figures from any campaign or front of the Napoleonic Wars is totally acceptable for us. We have multiple goals for this session, we would like to see how many figures are currently painted, the basing used and to see which periods and/or campaigns people are interested in. So if you have Revolutionary War Austrians, French from the 1806 campaign, Austrians from 1809, Americans from the War of 1812, Russian Cossacks, Ottoman Turks, or anything else related to the period bring it to the game on the 16th.

I do ask that if you know that you are going to be bringing troops to please send me an email. I will be working on rosters and painting up figures for whichever side “appears” to be short troops over the next couple weeks.

I already have heard from several of you but if you would send me an updated list that is pretty close to what you have it would be greatly appreciated.
Fitz: British and Russian (need counts)
Joel: 1809 Austrians and French (An updated list would be great)
Me: Austrian, French and French Allied
Keith: A French Brigade (Any additional figures?)
Possibly - Tom Z. French and Russian. (Going to make an appearance?)
Rumored – Kevin MacDonald (Any truth to those rumors?)

Additionally during the day Fitz and I would like to discuss the possibility of some scenario specific battles starting with the Campaign of 1809 including Wagram in 25mm; of course rules would need to be determined.


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