Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's on my Painting Table

Okay, It's summer and my son is at his mother's and it is time for me to get some serious painting done.

25mm Gauls
I have owned these figures forever, okay since 1997/98, but that's 17 plus years ago.  The figures were originally purchased to play test Warhammer Ancient Battles before its release in 1998.   The figures for years were mounted on 25mm square bases (infantry), primed black and had a splash of color added to them.
I pulled out the box and began organizing for Field of Glory - AKA Fog and slapping some paint on the figures.
16 Figures (one battle group) Javelin
16 Figures (one battle group) Slingers
3 Stands (not quite one battle group) Chariots
32 Figures (one battle group) Geseti Warriors
48 Figures (two battle groups) Hill Tribe Warriors

I have unpainted
16 Figures (one battle group) Slingers - Which I will paint up and sell
10 Figures - Mounted Command

What I need
12 Figures (one battle group) Gesetti Javelin
48 Figures (one battle group) Gesseti Warriors

48 Figures (one battle group) Hill Tribe Soldurii
48 Figures (two battle groups) Hill Tribe Warriors
10 - 20 Figures Cavalry
1 Stand Chariot
1 Stand Chariot Command

I have enough figures painted that I could play a non-legal game but it could be fun.

25mm Caesarian Romans
Again purchased in later parts of 1997 or early 1998 for 'WAB' I have decent number of figures painted up.
64 Figures (four battle groups) Legionnaires
10 Figures (one battle group) Heavy Cavalry
4 Stands Bolt Shooters
2 Stands (one battle group) Elephants
2 Stands Stone Throwers (not legal)
4 Stands Command

64 Figures (four battle groups) Legionnaires

What I need
Light Cavalry

Other Projects currently gracing my table
15mm - 52nd Lowland Infantry Division - WWII - Roer Triangle
Modern Micro Armor - French Armored Division - 1988
25mm Seven Years War - Saxon Prinz Friedrich August Infantry


Mike Demana said...

Hi Jeff...sorry to use your blog for this purpose, but I couldn't find any other way to contact you. Do you have an email address for Joel Gregory? I am trying to contact him. Thanks! Mike Demana, HMGS Great Lakes

Jeffrey Johnson said...

Email me at