Sunday, March 10, 2013

A weekend's work

It was a quiet weekend so I spent it working on a few figures.   I pulled out my French Army for Batailles de l'Ancien Régime [AKA BAR] and tried to finish up things I got started a while back.

I finished the first division of the Royal Suédois Infanterie (Royal Swedish Infantry Regiment) of 12 figures.  I had one figure completed before Friday, I did three figures Friday night and eight figures on Saturday.

I have been working on a variety of painting techniques using different color primer and seeing what effects work and don't work.   This weekend I think pretty much everything worked, except for the white primer.

I finished up both divisions of the Béarn Infanterie (Bearn Infantry Regiment) by completing seven figures and the Languedoc Infanterie (Languedoc Infantry Regiment) by completing four figures.   Both of those Battalions have two divisions of 12 figures.

I also got a started on the Royal Roussillon Infanterie (Royal Roussillion Infantry Regiment) by getting the remaining 12 figures primed, and finishing the first division of 12 figures and a very good start on the second division.   

In addition I spent some time finishing up movement trays and getting some bases flocked.
While not completed this "Battalion" of Compagnies Franches de la Marine has 1 division of Marines and a second division of Canadian Militia.   The bases have all be covered in medium ballast and will get some green flock in the next night or so as I also have to give the Color Guard their standards.

A close up of a random Royal Suédois Infanterie  figure.   Not sure this is the best example of the painting techniques I am using currently.  

In the end I also started working on the list of things to do before our first game of the Wars of the Jumbo Alliances.   The Wars of the Jumbled Alliances are our 15mm Koenig Krieg game, so bigger figures Jumbo sized..    Okay what ever it works for me.

I also sent out the invitations to the game.

Esteemed Gentlemen.
Upon great effort I have pinned the forces of that Irish Mog; for he is neither man nor dog yet the British have conferred upon him the title of Major General; Fitzgerald in the Woods of Berry.
With extreme prejudice I plan to launch a full scale assault against positions held by British Forces on the Thirtieth Day of March in the Year 2013 of our Lord when the Sun reaches its zenith in the Woods of Berry.
Your assistance in this nature is most assuredly needed as our forces skirmish with one another.   Undoubtedly we will have glorious repartee, humorous witticisms, tales of past glorious deeds, adult beverages, and failed dice rolls to mock and ridicule.
Please respond in kind.
Marquis de Bosinbaie

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