Saturday, March 3, 2012

A productive Saturday

I awoke on Saturday with a pretty massive head cold, thought about the 40 minute drive to Coon Rapids for ReCon! and decided that it was not in everyone’s best interests for me to share my cold.

I understand that the War of the Jumbled Alliances game went off and Tom Zwirn has decided that at the next ReCon! he will be running a double sized Thirty Year's War game using Field of Glory - Renaissance Edition. Tom also announced he has finished rebasing his Rally Round the Flag 15mm Figures for Regimental Fire and Fury and will be selling off three Brigades of figures.

Since I was not going to ReCon! I spent the day organizing, cleaning, priming and painting figures.
The organizing is probably my biggest accomplishment, I love to organize everything but my hobby stuff, and I broke down and did a pretty good job. I found 60 Dismounted Tarleton Figures, a number of 15mm Napoleonic figures, but failed to find the 25mm Courier De Bouis that started my organizing.
I got 60 British Highlander figures cleaned up and mounted on bases and primed that will become the 78th Regiment of Foot, Frasier’s Highlanders for the my Quebec campaign of 1759.
I also got a number of other lose figures cleaned up and mounted and in many cases primed. Cannot believe I need French Officers and Drummers and British Command for the French and Indian War.

When it comes to painting:
I completed for the Austrian Kaiser’s Infantry Regiment I completed the command section of 8 figures, one mounted officer, and the first company of 15 figures. I also got a good start in the second company of 15 figures completing the Officer and NCO, getting all the major color blocks done, leaving finer detail like cross belts.
I got a good start on the French Royal Rousilon Infantry Regiment, completing the command section of 8 figures, and 12 of the eighteen figures I was planning to paint at the beginning of the day, the group grew to 24 figures, but I need Command and Drummers.
For Bougainville command of French Grenadiers and Pickets I got the figures mounted up and ready to paint. His command will have 30 Grenadiers, 30 Courier De Bouis, 30 Canadian Militia and 30 Indians. I have 15 Militia and 15 Indians completed.
I also re-mounted my 30 British Rangers for the French and Indian War onto circular bases from their old square basis to be consistent across my collection for the period, I need to finish flocking these bases in the near future.
In total I got about 45 figures painted for the weekend and another 15 basically done.

I spent some time looking at my American War of Indepence Collection, but I will leave that for another post.

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