Monday, February 14, 2011

Painting Plan - Napoleonics

Well I really need Plans (and Painting Plans) for a number of periods I have made my semi-official not going to change my mind plans for at least another week plans for the Napoleonic period. Historically I have changed plans every time the winds blow. Which has caused me to get like ten tonnes of lead and not whole crap load of that lead is unpainted.
That doesn't mean I don't have a a lot of figures painted, I just don't know what to do with everything anymore, since so many projects died. (I can say the same for a number of periods, but this is the one I have the most lead for.)
Wars of the Second Coalition (1798-1800)
General de Brigade (1:20) in 15mm
Mounting figures for Napoleon's Battle for Infantry and Artillery and 1/2 stands (2x1) for Cavalry.
Alexander Suvorov's Italian and Swiss Expeditions
Please note I am still looking for a partner in crime for this project. Jim is interested but time and figures are limited.
Crisis on the Danube (1809)
Napoleon's Battles (1:120) in 15mm
Mounting figures for Napoleon's Battles with 1/2 Stands for Cavalry
I am painting up the Austrian Army and the French Allied (starting with Bavarians and Saxons followed by the less units of the French Allied.) Will be using my 1815 French Infantry for the French.
I find this probably the most interesting campaign as the Austrians suffered from poor leadership is certian places but good quality troops capable of going toe-t0-toe with the French. For a wargamer a lot of possibilities.
Wars of the Sixth Coalition (1813-1814)
Napoleon's Battles (1:120) in 25mm
This is sort of a lie, units actually will be organized at 1:30 but the math of 1:30 and 1:120 allows us to play either scale. My Goal however is to have this the dominate game (NB) in 25mm for a number of reasons. (Size of the table needed, space requirements, figure requirements...)
The killer in this plan will be the 240 figures of cossacks needed to do something along the size of Leipzig.
I have Austrian and French (plus some minor French Allies), Fitz has British, Russian and French, Joel Gregory has Austrian, Prussian, and French. There are some others with British, a few Russians and some French.
It would be Assume to do Leipzig in 25mm for Napoleon's Battles on October 16-19 in 2013, the 200th Anniversary. But that will take a lot of work and coordination. It is definetaly doable, the more I think about it the more doable I think it is.
100 Days Campaign (1815)
Horse Musket and Gun (1:30) in 15mm
For this I am planning to have the entirety of the campaign painted by 1815. I have Two French Infantry Corps, the Guard Corps, 1 1/2 of the Heavy Cavalry Corps completed. I have the Hanoverian Army Complete and one Division of British Infantry and the Heavy Cavalry Completed. In addition I have all the odd ball units completed. For the Prussians I have most of the Artillery Completed and a good start on all the landwehr. An odd assortment I know, but it happened to be organized around the figures I owned and what we needed for other games.
I am not sure WHY I got dragged into this campaign in the first place, oh yeah I remember a failed Campaign, not really a very interesting campaign but I now own the figures and I am committed.
Other Armies
That leaves two Armies/Figures that I really need to figure out what to do with.
Russian Army 1807-1813. I have a large number of figures both before and after the uniform change.
Austrian Army 1813. A fairly complete force.
I plan on looking at the Austrians for the Invasion of France 1815 in Horse Musket and Gun and what the reorganization would take. The Russians I am leaning towards completing painting and selling them off. I have a goodly number of figures in a variety of paint jobs. But they just aren't going to be any sort of focus for me.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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Jeffrey M. Johnson said...

Of course my plan lasted long enough for me to open my painting box and start pulling half-painted figures out, going one session to finish this or that.
Russian 15mm Cossacks, another 10 Stands (40 Figures) are now basically done except a tad of touch up and flocking.