Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Weekend in Gaming

It was another quiet weekend in the Johnson household as I watched my five year-old grow up before my eyes, my wife work on her latest sewing project (the Pink Musketeer Outfit) and Bryn (our new 16 week cocker spaniel) see what she could eat. Okay we have had Bryn for a month so she isn't quite new, but she still in the house breaking stage.

On Friday I worked some more on 30 Rangers for the French and Indian War in 25mm. I guess only so much green, or greenish tinted colors in the world and after painting the figure, once dipped you cannot tell that I had 21 greens in my collection. I have decided to go back add some "royal blue" and "leather" gaiters to provide some variation in the colors. The figures were quick to paint and since I may need another 30 or so in May, however I will take a long look at painting some of the other colored uniforms, blue, orange, black, and red.

I spent some time preparing my two British independent companies of 10 figures each for the game. I decided to use AWI British figures for the units rather than SYW figures as the described uniforms were more tailored for wear than the SYW. The only problem is the cross belts as opposed to the waist belts. Oh well only Fitz and anyone else reading this blog will know. For the Royal Americans I will also be using AWI British, but they had cross belts so that problem is solved, at least for them. I also considered using Continentals in Hunting Shirts for some rangers, I might you never know.

On Saturday I played in Tom Zwirn's SYW Koenig Krieg game. Following directions I left my figures at home so Tom's figures could start to be properly blooded. I unfortunately have been condemned, I mean nic-named as a Prussian, Prince Hank, I am upset it stuck. That's okay we had a long discussion about Roman Hedges (Boscage in French, because it is a literal translation of the Roman Word) and were introduced to "Conan The Bavarian". I am sorry there is no response to that one other than it is going to stick. Anyways my Swedes are still undefeated; my command of the Prussian Armies, including the Earl of Garfield, the Ice Cream Boys took it to the French, Russian, and Bavarians like there was no tomorrow after 3pm. Since we had to not only be done but cleaned up and out the door by four I made it the world's fastest 16 turn game. Yes 16 turns in three and ½ hours. No potty breaks for you. I screwed up one rule, but oh well. Life goes on.

I went home and pulled out some figures to see how close a number of collections towards playability. Wars of the First Triumvirate, Gauls and Greeks in 25mm since there is again interest in 25mm Punic Wars, sorry Fitz, not my fault. Anyways I need 9 stands of Warbands and 10 stands of Cavalry for my Gauls, Caesar needs 15 stands of Cavalry, and finish up the Legions for Pompey. (That of course is for the 400 point starter armies). If there is interest in the Punic Wars I will finish up the Gauls for my contribution. I actually don't need that many additional figures painted to get to say 800 point, beyond the warbands since I have the Gesati done and some other figures already painted (not that 32 naked guys was tough to paint) and slingers and other allies done.

Additionally I get into a new project X. Okay an old project X has resurfaced and I have already made arrangements. I am not at liberty to discuss until I have a couple hundred figures ready to go. But it should be soon.

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