Sunday, May 3, 2009

Campaign this Fall

I have decided that I would like to run/play a series of connected games or a campaign of some sort this fall (2009). That was the easy part the difficult part is what comes next; what the hell do I want to run.

The Lion vs. the Dragon (Clan War in 25mm)

Ancients using “Field of Glory”
Punic Wars (15mm)
The Wars of the Triumvirate (Caesar’s Civil War in 25mm)
First/Third Crusade (25mm)

French and Indian War – Drums of War along the Mohawk in 25mm)
Seven Years War – (Koenig Krieg in 15mm)

Napoleonic – 1809 Campaign (in 15mm)
Napoleonic – 1813 Campaign (in 25mm)

American Civil War (Fields of Honor in 15mm)
American Civil War (in 25mm)
Franco Prussian (Fields of Honor in 15mm)

Great War
Eastern Front (Great Wars Spearhead in 15mm)

World War II
Wavell’s War (Spearhead in 15mm)
Sicily/Italy (Spearhead in 15mm)
A Bridge too Far (Spearhead in 15mm)

That’s a pretty long list, considering it doesn’t include Modern Micro Armor, a few other fantasy games, and more weird periods than I can count.

After some thought I am leaning towards doing something a little out of the whack for me, okay not out of whack, just my usual I don’t have figures painted up for it but it sounds interesting, Wavell’s War in 15mm. I am not exactly sure how to make it work, but I am still working out the plan. Of course I would need to paint up Brits, Italians, and Germans and maybe something else. I am thinking the Red Bull Infantry Division would be entertaining, but that is too late in the war for now.


knightwire said...

I don't suppose you'd consider The Wars of the Triumvirate (Caesar’s Civil War) in 15mm?

As I just acquired a 15mm Late Republican Roman army for FOG, I would actually have figures.

Jeff Johnson said...

There are a number of periods that for all practical purposes I was the follower on the project rather than the project leader. I choose to paint figures to further the hobby rather than because I was truly interested in the period.
The problem of course is that those who lead many of those projects I followed along with dropped the ball fairly early on and I was left with a half painted army.
The Wars of the Triumvirate is one of the periods I followed along with, actually originally it was the Roman Civil War using “Warhammer Ancient Battles” in which I painted Caesar's Army up (I laugh now because no one wanted to play Caesar). However the two of three Roman Players, the Gaul, and the early Briton player all disappeared. Over the past ten years I have slowly added to my collection because like while I had almost a playable force for one side and should have an opposing side.
The big problem with this specific period is the figures can only be used for a very specific time frame, roughly 100 BCE to approximately 27 BCE, ive or take a few years in either direction. Unlike the figures for Mid Republician Romans or Early Imperials where switching out a specific unit or two allows the figures to be used for 300 to 400 year span.
That being said I have no interest in redoing that “mistake” in 15mm.

knightwire said...

So "No". Got it. :)

Jeff Johnson said...


You aren't the only person to ask, I have three people or four other people ask about other periods.

"Hey I see you are interested in X, want to do X in 6mm/10mm/15mm/25mm/54mm instead of the figures you alread own?"

So instead of writing "no" I am trying to somewhat of a long winded gas-bag and explain why I am not instested.