Friday, November 28, 2008

Updated Project Priorities

After much discussion, primarily with Fitz but others were involved to, I have set my painting priorities for the winter. I have decided on focusing on two projects; the unending Napoleonics for Napoleon's Battles/1:30 and Seven Year's War in 15mm. Most of the other projects are just going to sit for now. My goal is to get a lot done between now and say Valentine's Day.

For the Seven Years War Project I will be working on my Swedish and some Austrian Allied, mostly the Swedes. And I have determined that I will paint all the figures for this project myself. I will use other resources for the Napoleonics projects I have going.

1) Drottningens Livregemente
Three battalions of figures are cleaned and primed black waiting for me to put paint to brush.
2) Blu Hussarenregiment
I own the figures and they are still in the bag.
3) Gul Hussarenregiment
I own the figures and they are still in the bag.
4) Nylands Dragoon Regiment
I own the figures and they are still in the bag.
5) Hästjägare
I own the figures and they are cleaned and on bases.

For the Napoleonic Period:

Off being painted in Sri Lanka:
· Austrian Cavalry - Archduke Ferdinand’s Hussars
· Austrian Cavalry – Stipsic Hussars
· French Cavalry – 1st Chasseurs a Cheval
· French Cavalry – 6th Dragoons
· French Cavalry – 10th Dragoons
· French Cavalry – 2nd Regiment Guard Lancers “Red Lancers”

Off being painted by Tom Zwirn
· Austrian Infantry – Archduke Karl’s Legion – Prague Students
· Austrian Infantry – Archduke Karl’s Legion – Mahrisch’s Volunteers
· Austrian Infantry – Croatian Inserrecto
· French Infantry – Sailors of the Guard
· French Infantry – Conscript Grenadiers of the Guard

Figures I am working on
· Italian Line Infantry Regiment 1
· Italian Line Infantry Regiment 2
· Italian Line Infantry Regiment 3
· Italian Line Infantry Regiment 4
· Italian Line Infantry Regiment 5
· Italian Line Infantry Regiment 6
· Italian Line Infantry Regiment 7
· Italian Light Infantry Regiment 1
· Italian Light Infantry Regiment 2
· Italian Chasseurs a Cheval Regiment 1
· Saxon Line Infantry Regiment Maxmillian (1809)
· Saxon Line Infantry Regiment Frederick (1809)
· Saxon Cavalry – Prinz Clemons Chevauxlegere (1809)
· Saxon Cavalry – Herzog Albert Chevauxlegere (1809)
· Saxon 8# Horse battery (1809)
Many of these figures are primed and have many of the Initial colors painted on them. It is just about doing the detail work.

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